WELCOME TO Dr. Showrya Gadde Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss is a common concern affecting individuals of all ages and genders, and Dr. Showrya Gadde offers a range of cutting-edge hair loss treatments to address this issue. These treatments are designed to tackle the root causes of hair loss, whether it's due to genetics, environmental factors, medical conditions, or lifestyle habits.

Dr. Showrya Gadde's expertise in hair loss treatments encompasses both surgical and non-surgical options, including hair transplant procedures, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, and medication-based solutions. These treatments aim to promote hair regrowth, restore thickness, and rejuvenate the scalp.

With a personalized approach tailored to each patient's unique needs, Dr. Showrya Gadde ensures that individuals struggling with hair loss regain their confidence and achieve their desired results. Whether you're dealing with male pattern baldness, alopecia, or any other hair loss condition, Dr. Showrya Gadde's comprehensive hair loss treatments can help you achieve a fuller, more youthful head of hair.

The objective is to halt further hair loss and prepare for potential hair replacement procedures. Hair health is influenced by multiple factors, and rather than solely addressing hair loss, Dr. Nishita emphasizes the importance of comprehending the underlying causes through a thorough history and examination. This approach aims to ensure the most effective treatment outcomes.

Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC): This innovative hair loss treatment involves using a highly concentrated growth factor derived from the patient's blood. GFC is designed to restore hair growth and reduce thinning on the scalp. Unlike traditional platelet-based treatments, this method directly delivers growth factors to the scalp. The recommended treatment schedule typically involves sessions once a month for three months, followed by periodic sessions every 2-3 months for optimal results.

LLLT (Low-level Laser Therapy): LLLT employs low-level lasers on the scalp to stimulate and enhance cell function. It emits photons into scalp tissues, which are absorbed by weakened cells, ultimately promoting hair growth. This therapy is safe and can be a valuable complement to other hair loss treatments.