WELCOME TO Dr. Showrya Gadde Skin Tags/Moles/DPN’s

Skin Tags:
Skin tags are these tiny, raised bumps that often pop up on our faces, necks, or underarms. They're like little skin quirks and are sometimes linked to our genetics. If you have a family history of diabetes or insulin resistance, you might be more prone to them. They can also show up during or after pregnancy or when we gain a bit of weight.

Moles are pretty common, too. They're those small, dark brown spots on our skin caused by a cluster of pigmented cells. Some of us have had them since childhood or adolescence, and while some might fade away, others stick around. Sometimes, moles decide to make an appearance during adulthood. As long as they don't look unusual or suspicious, there's usually no need to worry.

DPNs (Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra):
DPNs are tiny dark spots often found on facial skin. They're harmless but can be a bit of a cosmetic bother. The good news is that we can easily remove them at our clinic without leaving any scars or causing you any discomfort.

So, if you've got any of these skin quirks bothering you, don't fret – we've got the solutions to help you feel your best.